Python and Machine Learning is being widely used in different industries. The revolution it has caused in these industries has been positive and satisfying.

Thus, Python is also being adapted to various activities in the finance industry. Financial analysis is made easier with various functions in Python and with Machine Learning skills.

In this article, we would be exploring together how to analyze a single stock.

The first major step is to install the important libraries needed to perform this analysis in Python.

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

To be able to read…

Pandas is a very powerful and easy to use library built for Python. It is used for data manipulation, with powerful functions hat make it easier to perform data analysis on numerical tables and time series data.

This write up is just going to be quick tutorial on the basic functions of Pandas library.

As a data scientist 70% -80% of the work lies on manipulating and cleaning the dataset of choice. It is a properly manipulated data that can bring a result desired by the scientist.

For the purpose of this tutorial, the Pokémon dataset is to going to…

Image from

Machine Learning in Summary

Machine learning has made it possible for various computer innovations in different automating processes worldwide. Machine Learning is the study and use of computational statistics and mathematical functions to make predictions and decisions without being “explicitly programmed to do so”.

These algorithms are used to develop models on the foundation of a dataset or sample data known. This data sample is known as “training data”. With an understanding of this, it is safe to say that machine learning helps the computer to carry out future tasks by training it with similar tasks using sample data.


Moses Agbelese

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